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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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valley said she isn't surprised at the latest allegation that tony mendoza brought a 15-year- old to his hotel room and -- brought a young intern to his hotel room and she decided to come forward after allegations came forward he invited another intern to his home in order to go over her resume. were you surprised at more women coming forward? >> sadly, i'm not. it's something that's pervasive and particularly in places of power like the capitol. >> reporter: an outside law firm has been hired to review the matter. >> it's a welcome move to get it out of the rules committee which is members policing other members, but it's just a tiny, tiny step. >> reporter: deleone also moved out of the house he shared with mendoza, but for some like the head of the
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democrat women's caucus, it's not enough as she told kpix5's melissa caen -- >> if the senate president pro tem doesn't see fit to have another roommate, i'm not so sure why we have to have him as the chair. >> just hiring a law firm doesn't say anything about the protection. secondly we have to have consequences. i've been in the setting and it's not comfortable to talk about where hands have gone places that they absolutely don't belong and i have had to protect staff different times. >> reporter: and you reported it? >> the incidences when they happened to people who worked in the building that i alreadied about, yes. >> reporter: you didn't -- that i learned about, yes. >> reporter: you didn't report your own? >> mine happened so quickly and i was so shocked by them, i haven't. i've come forward now and said what happened to me. i think what's important if you start focusing on it just being one particular person and what did they do, you miss it is a pervasive issue in the building and we have to take care of it. >> reporter: oftentimes whatever is found out in the rules committee as a result of investigations is kept in the rules committee. as a matter of fact, there's one case where a state assembly
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staffer was reprimanded for poor behavior and then went on to get elected to the state assembly with the endorsement of his fellow politicians. it's a big question where they're going to take it from here. >> thank you. coming up at 6:30 our melissa caen takes a closer look at some of the protections state lawmakers have given themselves and the push for an overhaul. sexual harassment allegations swirling around a silicon valley power player, venture capitalist steve jurvetson tweeted he is stepping away from his post at draper, fisher, jurvetson. there was an internal investigation last month. at the time jurvetson was not named. he's on the board of directors at tesla and spacex and has already taken a leave of absence. in his tweet today jurvetson said he is resigning to focus on personal matters including,
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"taking legal action against those whose false statements defamed me." a former grad student said retired english professor franco moretti harassed her and raped her at her apartment while she was at uc berkeley in the '80s. she said she reported the issue and then stayed silent because he threatened to ruin her career if she pressed charges. she writes now it's time the truth came out about this predator. i will take any lie detector or make any affidavits necessary to make sure he is brought to justice. moriarty retired from stanford last spring and is not currently on campus. the parents of a boy who flew off a water slide in dublin are getting ready for legal action. today they released photos of their son's injuries. our ken bastida is joining us with the new information tonight. >> the boy's parents are sharing photographs now of their son's injuries for the very first time.
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the accident, of course, was caught on camera. we've seen it on opening day at the wave water park in dublin. you see the 10-year-old go airborne at the bottom of the three-story slide. he tumbles onto the concrete and check out the painful result. his parents' lawyer sent us these pictures of his injuries and you can see the scrapes and burns covering both sides of his back and his arms. the city said that all slides were tested and approved by the manufacturer and state regulators before that park opened. since the accident that particular slide called the emerald plunge has remained closed. the family is compacted to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer tomorrow, whitewater west industries, and the city of dublin. >> ken, thanks. just minutes ago a groundbreaking ceremony for the new raiders stadium in las vegas. the governor of nevada joined raiders owner mark davis and nfl commissioner for that event. they each wore those silver
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raiders hard hats, used some raider shovels to scoop up dirt. the ceremony opened up, though, with a stirring performance of the song rise up. ♪ it's time kind of -- it's kind of like the waves i rise up ♪ ♪. >> the performance was to pay tribute to the victims of the las vegas shooting. mark davis opened up his speech by acknowledging the tragedy and the emergency responders. >> all the first responders, emergency healthcare workers and local citizenry seamlessly worked together to bring a sense of safety and security to a situation that without teamwork could have resulted in chaos. the raiders are proud and honored to be joining such a special team. >> the raiders hold a special place in the hearts of football fans around the world. and we appreciate how they've been embraced by the state of nevada and the city of las
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vegas. >> comedian george lopez hosted that event. the new state of the art stadium will hold 65,000 seats. the team is hoping to kick off the 2020 season at that new stadium. a deadline for a federal wildfire clean-up program has just passed. people who lost homes in napa and sonoma county had until 5:00 today to apply. kpix5's susie steimle explains why some were so reluctant to sign up. susie? >> reporter: well, veronica, for many homeowners this was an incredibly emotional decision. we are standing at the very last debris removal meeting in sonoma county. they've had many of these over the past month and they've been about trying to convince homeowners to sign a right of entry form. fema officials will tell you that's an incredibly important step to moving forward, but for homeowners signing that form is not an easy decision to make. >> we're here to turn in our right of entry form for the federal debris removal program. >> reporter: jeff meyers lived in his home near mark west
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springs road for 25 years before the fire hit. to mov 've seen >> it looks like syria. >> reporter: he did not want to sign a right of entry form which allows fema to remove debris from his property, but he ran out of options. >> this is just a necessary evil that you have to do. been turned upside down and you're not familiar w off and like you said, i would have preferred to be able to work this out with a private contractor. i think a lot of people, they're anxious. they don't trust government. >> reporter: eric lamero with cal oes says signing a right of entry form which gives fema permission to get rid of debris is the fastest and most efficient way to move on. >> we've seen the submittals of right of entry forms going up over the last several days which we anticipated with the deadline approaching. >> reporter: 5,100 homes is the goal. they're close to hitting it. that will allow fema to clear neighborhoods in one fell swoop. >> we're asking for the public's trust and faith in us and we can move in quickly and safely and get all these properties cleaned up by 2018.
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>> reporter: but for people like jeff trusting the government with their property isn't easy. this past month has been painful, confusing and deeply personal. he says he still doesn't know if signing this form was the right choice. >> just like everybody else here, everything has been kind of turned upside down and you're not familiar with anything. >> reporter: as of 2 p.m. today 4,036 people in sonoma county have signed those right of entry forms. there have been people throughout the day who have come in and signed those. since the goal is 5,100, they hope when they do the tally by 2 p.m. tomorrow, they will have hit that number in. sonoma, -- number. in sonoma, susie steimle, kpix5. on and off showers in many parts of the bay area today. chief meteorologist paul deanno has been tracking those showers for us. >> the keyword is on and off. it rains and stops and rains
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again. santa rosa is the bull's eye on the radar, third or fourth round of some light to moderate rain about to move through, if it's not raining where you are already. also there are lighter showers around novato, petaluma, south of vallejo, american canyon, vacaville and fairfield. showers are moving it's after a wet hour in and -- moving out after a wet hour in and around antioch. showers working south by 9:00. not only is the rain gone, but most of the clouds are gone by 3 or 4 a.m. this is system no. 1 which is pummeling the pacific northwest, but we're obviously very far away from it. it's the system behind it, that storm is going to give us more significant rainfall later on this week, details on that coming up in about nine minutes. >> thank you, paul. talking about the rain, a bay area couple living with a land slide in their backyard for nearly a year, a fix may not happen until spring, how the upcoming rain could make a risky situation even worse.
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>> wide credit card fraud, bay area thieves draining dozens of bank accounts, the special machine that can even foil chip cards. >> a bay area city decides whether to block a new gun store, the fiery debate tonight.
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scam in the south bay. thieves... draining dozens of bank accounts over the pas
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anti fraud technology was not enough to prevent a skimming scam in the south bay. thieves draining dozens of bank accounts over the past week, kpix5's maria medina with how even people who use those new chip and pin cards became victims. maria? >> reporter: that's right. police got dozens of fraud reports over the weekend and this morning they found a skimming device at this gas station, but victims believe it is more widespread than that. >> they successfully pulled about $1,000 out of my account. >> $200 had been taken out already. >> reporter: they are just two out of a long list of fraud victims who say thieves got to their bank accounts over the weekend. >> over the weekend we received at least 20 to 25 calls of different fraud victims. >> reporter: gilroy police are calling it a large scale fraud case, now up to at least 40 victims and they say the majority of them bought gas at the valero on first street. n this facebook forum... the amount stolen -- just t tune o >> we found a skimming device inside one of the gas pumps. >> we feel like it was the safeway on first street.
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we can't be sure. >> reporter: but some of the victims say they didn't stop at this valero. what's more, susan felio said she used her credit card chip when she believes crooks stole her number, her husband and son- in-law also victims over the weekend. >> we all have chips in our cards, so we're very surprised. >> chip cards do provide some protection from this kind of fraud, but they aren't a guarantee. so there are machines that instead of scumming they can do what's called -- skimming they can do what's called shimming and steal from your card. >> reporter: the amounts stolen this week is to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. >> it hurts. how is it that easy? >> right now we're just going to go back to using cash. >> reporter: police brea that skimming device was here -- believe that skimming device was here at this gas station more than a week. they're asking nip who has visited -- anyone who has
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visited this valero station to check their bank accounts. maria medina, kpix5. two walnut creek teenagers charged in a high school rape case and kidnapping in september from carondele. the boys face four felonies each from the incident that was reported after an off campus party. oakland police were out in force this weekend ready to shut down sideshows. ia to set hows. but this car was one of many in the bay area doing street stunts this weekend. organizers used social media to set up the dangerous side shows, but police were online, too, sharing photos on twitter of officers ready to go in cars and motorcycles. in all, there were 13 cars towed, 37 citations and two arrests. an earthquake struck south monterey county this morning. the magnitude 4.7 quake centered near the community of
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gonzalez, but it was felt as far north as san jose. the quake hit just after 11:30 a.m. followed by a series of smaller aftershocks, no reports of damage or injuries. new at 6:00 the upcoming rainy season could make an already dangerous situation in san rafael even worse. the city has yet to repair a landslide that slipped into the family's backyard nearly a year ago in the glenn heart glenn neighborhood. it might -- bret harte neighborhood. it might not be repaired before it starts to rain. >> reporter: you can't blame stacy clark for getting a bit nervous, not when her backyard looks like this. >> they removed 600 cubic yards of debris from our backyard. >> reporter: on the evening of january 10th in the middle of a heavy rainstorm, a culvert became blocked and irwin street just above her house partially gave way.
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what feels right." in san toss t it sent tons of mud and debris down the hill toward her home. >> it was dark. we couldn't see what was happening. we heard cracking and breaking of trees and retaining walls i think. >> reporter: stacy and her familiar fled their home and were out for three weeks until the city could stabilize the area and add drain pipes, but now after 10 months nothing is fixed and the black plastic is still here. the reason? because the federal government offered to help. >> if it was entirely up to us, we would have gotten the road repaired this summer, but because -- roof repaired this summer, but because fema is involved we want to go through the process and hopefully get reimbursed for the funding. >> reporter: the city has done all it can, but complying with fema paperwork has been time consuming to say the least. now it's been decided irwin street is too unstable and at the next downpour the street will be closed entirely and a permanent fix will be worked on sometime in the spring, but as the rain begins on fall again,
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it leaves stacy and her family facing another full winter of worrying at what moment they may have to flee their home again. >> is there a lot of rain? is it an inch, 2 inches? we don't know at what point it's -- we just have to kind of go with what feels right. >> reporter: in san rafael, john ramos, kpix5. >> let's hope the hillside holds, but the rain is coming. how much are we talking, paul? >> not a ton of rainfall today. we're looking at more significant rainfall wednesday, but the big storms are stuff that typically comes in december, january, february. we still have time to prepare for that, although that particular case looks like it's going to be next sprang. more rainfall next week. thankfully -- spring. more rainfall next week, fortunately not huge. we're just seeing light rain showers currently over rio vista, bethel island, antioch, pittsburg, back to benicia, hercules. some steady rainfall around santa rosa. we'll bring it in tight with
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kpix5 hi-def doppler west along highway 101 along hern avenue, and east of 101 including montgomery drive and sonoma avenue it is much lighter. we can see the little nuances and the intensity of the rainfall with our radar which is punched on top of mount vaca. widely scattered showers and gone after midnight tonight. highs today 70s in san jose and concord, napa 607, santa rosa the cool -- 67, santa rosa the cool spot at 62 degrees. two weather systems this week, the one that's hitting the pacific northwest right now, 130,000 homes without power. it's strong, but it's far away from us. we're just getting a glancing blow and some light rain showers. this system isn't as strong but will take a more story trajectory, move through -- southerly trajectory, move through northern california, wednesday potentially 1/2 inch to 1 inch of rainfall in san
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francisco, oakland and san jose, not expecting widespread flooding but some significant rainfall a couple hours on wednesday. showers ending tonight. we're sunny and dry on tuesday, but then wednesday will be the soggiest day so far this rainy season. tomorrow concord and fremont 64, redwood city 64, santa rosa and napa 63, san francisco's high 61 degrees. extended forecast, soggy wednesday, wednesday morning in the north bay, wednesday afternoon the rest of the bay area, a couple lingering showers thursday. then we dry out thursday afternoon, friday, saturday, beginning of sunday dry with sunshine. the rain returns late sunday into monday. so kind of wet today, more significant rainfall coming up on wednesday. back to you. >> thank you. bay area soccer tournament suddenly called off after poison is sprayed on school fields, the decision that's left players and their parents disappointed. >> stephon curry's sister is
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engaged to a warrior. can you guess which one? >> they were jumping for joy in the 49ers locker room, why this one win meant so much, reaction coming up.
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yesterday the 49ers made sure they weren't joining the lions, and you'd think the 49ers won a super bowl. this was the scene in the locker you'd think san francisco had won the super bowl. [ cheering and applause ] 31-21 at levis stadium... in the how about that. the scene in the locker room after they beat the giants 31- 21 at levi's stadium. in the fray there joe staley dancing like a maniac. that win insured the 49ers will not be a part of history and the players say they will build on that victory. >> i have to say this is one of the best teams i've honestly
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ever been on. i know our record doesn't show it, but we are so tight and so close in this locker room to finally get a win, it's huge. >> now the quarterback question, head coach kyle shanahan would not commit to starting either jimmy garoppolo or c.j. beathard. just hours before the game goodwin and his wife morgan lost a newborn son in a premature birth. >> to have those emotions, to go the whole night before really not sleeping very much and come out there and have some very pivotal plays in that game and make a huge difference says a lot about the guy. regardless whether he played good or bad, the fact he was out there and tried hid hardest and tried to help us really was the most important. colin kaepernick's fuss is on the cover of gq magazine as citizen of the year.
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-- face is on the cover of gq magazine al-- ways as citizen the former 49er quarterback is still without a job and has filed a lawsuit against the nfl claiming collusion. the raiders are headed south of the border, but one guy not going to mexico city is rookie quarterback gary conley placed on seven ending reserve. connolly has -- season ending reserve. conley has been battling a shin injury. steph curry is about to get a new member of the family and it could eventually be his teammate. curry's younger sister sadele got engaged to damian lee yesterday who plays for the warriors minor league team in santa cruz and has entered a bay area's most famous family. the calves are in new york tonight to -- the cavs are in new york tonight to play the
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knicks. instead of taking a 45 minute bus ride through manhattan, lebron and his teammates took the subway back to their hotel this morning. the guy next to them wasn't all that impressed. >> what's up? >> what's the question? >> i don't know. internet today.. he's tripping. >> that guy's name is james michelangelo and didn't realize it was lebron james until people saw him making the rounds on the internet today. >> tough crowd in new york. >> have you ever been there standing next to somebody having a conversation and they're famous and you have no idea? >> especially on the subway. >> jason bateman, my son was playing with his pen and bothering him on a flight and i kept apologizing and i looked up at his face and i'm like oh, it's jason bateman. >> i would have been happier standing next to justine bateman. >> i'm sure. coming up in our next half
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hour calls for a major overhaul in sacramento, we look at why it's so hard to report sexual harassment, why some say the system is rigged to protect state lawmakers. >> a new accuser comes forward with tearful allegations against u.s. senate candidate roy moore. now the majority senate leader said he has heard enough. >> it's a budding trend with mani-pedis, how a california nail salon is using an ingredient in marijuana to help people relax.
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